How To Take Care Of Your Leather Apron?

When you buy an apron from a leather apron shop, you are indeed getting a heavy-duty and long-lasting choice that you can use in any condition. Most of the leather and canvas apron for cooking comes with a special coating or layer, making them highly resistant to spoilage, spills, and stains of any kind. They have reinforced durability to withstand scratches, wear, and tear. 

Even dust can’t settle on the aprons. Therefore, it is easier for you to maintain your apron by just wiping it off with a cloth piece. However, there are still some rules or regulations you need to follow to ensure that your leather or canvas apron for cooking and last long. Hence, without further ado, let’s look at some of the essential steps to maintain your apron: 

How To Store Leather Aprons?
For storage, you can assign your apron to a specific location in the area you work with it. Primarily, it can be a hanging location as simple as a nail in the wall. Alternatively, you can roll the leather apron to store it. Make sure never to fold your leather. 

This goes for any leather essential, not just an apron. It’s better always to roll or hang your leather accessories. It will prevent the leather from cracking, and proper airflow will ensure it remains lively.

What If The Dust Collects On The Apron?
Dirt and dust will collect on leather even with the protective coating. You can use a brush to wipe it off, but a microfibre cloth would be a better choice. If you think that the dust is ‘laying’ on your apron, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush to quickly get rid of the layer as you might use it infrequently. 

Should You Use Soapy Water?
Many people will suggest you use warm soapy water to clean leather. Refrain from doing so, but you can use distilled or filtered water. Indeed leather is waterproof, but that will make you get waxing on an apron more frequently. It’s better to use a clean cloth or even leather polish to wipe off any stain, dirt, or soiling.


What To Do If Apron Feels Rough Or Rigid?
Of course, when you buy a new apron from a leather apron shop, it will be a little rigid like any other leather product. You need to wear it for it to ‘break’ and loosen up over time, that will make it more soft and comfortable to wear. The top-grade Italian leather might be more suitable for you, as it is smoother and brings you the same durability as the standard leather.

However, if rigidity is after prolonged use, you might want to get it conditioned. Leather is like your skin, and it needs proper moisture and conditioning for vitality. You should get a conditioner or moisturizer for leather if your leather shows the signs of crack or roughness due to rigidity.
That’s all you need to do to take care of your leather aprons, and it will provide you long-lasting service for years to come! 


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