Simple Care Tips for Canvas Knife Bags


Professionals, in the field of culinary art, carry their canvas knife rolls to many places. No wonder extensive travelling associated with exposure to dust, heat and extreme weather conditions leaves the bags craving for regular cleaning. 

If you too take your knife roll to every place you travel, here is a simple care regime you can follow to keep the bag maintained and clean for a long time.

Empty the Pockets

Before you start the process of cleaning your knife bag, make sure to take everything out of it. The canvas knife bags generally feature several compartments. Therefore, you need to check each of them without fail to ensure that no knife or scissors remain left behind in any pocket. 


Once you have emptied the bag, it is time to dust off the loose dirt. You can use dusting brushes with soft bristles for this task. Avoid using hard bristle brushes to ensure that the cleaning does not leave its mark on the bag.

Wash With Cold Water

When you complete the task of dusting the loose dirt, you should try normal-temperature water to wash the bag. Never put your knife bag inside a washing machine. Heavy washing and vehement rinsing will leave your bag crumbled and wrinkled.

Additionally, the bag won’t last for a long time if you wash it in a washing machine. The best would be to hand washing the bag with cold water if it does not have any stubborn, greasy stains on it. When you apply water, be vigilant about color bleeding.

Canvas knife bags manufactured by reputed brands generally do not leave color on washing. However, there is no harm in being vigilant. If the color does not bleed, you can use soap on it.

Apply Soap If Needed

If you are washing the bag after quite a few months, use soap for a thorough cleaning. Always use mild soaps and never apply hot water.  Rinse gently and avoid using hard brushes to do away with the accumulated dirt. The soap will eventually take the dirt out. 


Use Stain Removers

If the canvas knife roll has any oil stains or stubborn marks on it, you can use a dry cleaning stain remover. Apply the cleaner in a layer on the spots.

Let the bag absorb the cleaner for a while and then use a damp cloth to remove the stain. At any point during the cleaning, you should not exert force or be harsh on your knife bag if you want damage-free cleaning.

Go through the collection of the best canvas knife roll manufacturers to find the best quality bags. For chefs and people engaged in other professions who use these bags, quality should be the primary criterion for the purchase.  With a little care, these bags can remain usable for a very long time.


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